The wisdom of the ancient one

The wisdom of the ancient one

Antòn Ponce de Leòn Paiva

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An Inca Initiation In her book It’s All in The Playing, Shirley MacLaine introduces us to Anton Ponce de Leon Paiva as a researcher of the UFO phenomenon, but in this book The Wisdom of the Ancient ONE he tells the story of his initiation into an ancient Inca tradition. It is the first book to document this tradition of ancient pre-Inca knowledge, a tradition still alive in the hidden regions of the Andes today. The book provides the reader with a deep understanding of the Solar Brotherhood mystical school of life, as well as an approach by which this understanding can be incorporated into one’s daily life. Anton meets here the master Nina Soncco, spiritual head of the Hermandad Solar of the Intic Churincuna and he tells about his 7 days initiation in this ancient brotherhood of the Andes. Translated by Terry Albriton, Mariel and Chris Helmer Il sito dell’Associazione Samana Wasi Italia onlus: The Solar Brotherhood of the Intic Churincuna:


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